Sungrow Australia and New Zealand Service
Sungrow Australia and New Zealand Service
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Thanks for choosing Sungrow products. We really hope you enjoy them. Registering your Sungrow products is simple, fast and secure.

Sungrow now offers 5 Plus 5 Years Warranty for Inverters from 1stApril 2019 and only these Inverters that have been listed below are eligible for the 5 Plus 5 Years Warranty and it will not include accessories:

SG2K-S, SG2K5-S, SG3K-S, SG3K-D, SG5K-D and SG8K-D

To be eligible for 5 Plus 5 Years Warranty, only Inverters that our authorised distributors purchase from Sungrow from 1stJanuary 2019 and these inverters are sold and installed in Australia. In addition, End Users (inverter owners) must complete the registration within one year after the inverter is dispatched from Sungrow. Please read FAQs here to understand Sungrow 5 Plus 5 Years Warranty.

Benefits of registration includes:

  • Confirmation of ownership
  • Gain additional warranty


    • 5 Years Parts Warranty for the inverters (SG2K-S, SG2K5-S, SG3K-S, SG3K-D, SG5K-D and SG8K-D) under condition
  • Obtain more efficient warranty service

Before registering, please make sure:

  • You have the correct product model(s) & serial number(s) handy


  • The Sungrow product(s) is (are) purchased and installed in Australia.
  • Retain proof of purchase should you ever need to make a warranty claim.

Please fill out the warranty registration form below. Fields marked with an (*) are required.

^ The additional warranty will be applied after the standard manufacturer warranty.

* Please make sure that the product mode and serial number are the same as shown on the nameplate. Incorrect information may lead to the delay of warranty processes.