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Sungrow Warranty Extension

Sungrow warrants the inverters  (Premium version*) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation of the relevant Inverter, but no more than eleven (11) years from the manufacturing date of that Inverter (whichever comes first). Hereinafter, this standard warranty will be referred to as the 10 Years Standard Warranty. 

Warranty extension grants the inverter an additional warranty year up to 15 years of parts or standard warranty, as described below:

  • Add Parts Warranty: This adds parts warranty is applicable from the 10th years and will only cover the cost of the replacement material (a relevant part or an equivalent replacement), but it will not cover any freight costs and service rebates to cover labour costs for removal and replacement or costs associated with any other service.
  • Add Standard Warranty: This adds standard warranty is applicable from the 10th years and includes PARTS warranty benefits as set out below but will also cover standard freight costs and standard service rebates to cover labour costs of replacement.

The extension covers for the inverters only, accessories are not covered by the extended warranty.

*Premium version: (DC Switch Built-in) and/or Inverters manufactured and installed from 1st April 2020 for below listed Inverters only.

To purchase the warranty extension, please go to the warranty extension online order pages.

Prices are effective from 1st October 2022 and must purchase within 1 year after installation

All prices are GST exclusive and these prices apply to electronic warranty certification via emails only.